Clinical Practice

Clinical Practice

The objective of the DHC3 is to link technology and knowledge in nursing and health care in order to support and improve patients’ perception of their health and thus enable them to better manage their symptoms and diseases. In addition, it aims to improve and develop sustainable working environments by making technology available to health care professionals according to the needs of the stakeholders (individuals, relatives, health professionals).

Examples of activities

We develop applications for self-care of chronic diseases with a user-centered approach, in collaboration with patient associations. We collaborate with the Fribourg Cantonal Hospital in order to develop telemedicine solutions that meet the needs of care professionals in various care contexts (at home, in hospital, etc.), both in times of pandemic, and with a view to a new vision of digital and e-health.

*Self-care is the willingness to take responsibility for maintaining one’s own health. This includes targeted actions to maintain and restore one’s own physical and mental health and well-being (Orem, 2001)


Denyes, M. J., Orem, D. E., & Bekel, G. (2001). Self-care: A foundational science. Nursing science quarterly14(1), 48-54.